Meet Sabrina

Hi, I am Sabrina! There is so much I would love to share with you all, for now here is a little back story of what has made me who I am today and what inspires my love for Divine Unity.

I am originally from a small town outside of Chicago, Illinois. As a child, I loved being outside in nature. I have always been drawn to exploring in nature as much as I could, feeling free in the outdoors was my favorite as a child. I feel this deep desire to explore nature even as a young child was the start of my journey loving the beauty of what nature has to offer us.

When I was 18, I moved to California. This was the start of many things for me. Coming from a small town in Illinois, health and natural living was not a very common thing at the time. In California, I noticed, a lot more people were outside, active, and there was a lot more healthy food accessible than I was used too.

After living a few years in California, I booked a one way flight to Thailand. I backpacked through South East Asia for 4 months, this experience changed my life and who I am today in many ways I am beyond grateful for. As I was in Asia, I slowly began to form a profound love with eating more local food, connecting to the local people and the source of my food, became more aware of living more low waste, and formed a bond with animals.

When I returned from my travels, I was eager to study holistic health, herbalism, and all things wellness. Over the years, I dealt with my own health issues as well which has also led me to dive deeper on this path.

I did a waste free challenge for a month to stay as low waste as I could. I continued doing my best with staying as low waste as possible even after the challenge. I naturally fell in love with living more connected to my food and my body, living in a holistic way, and helping our planet by living a more low waste lifestyle.

I studied herbalism at The Florida School of Holistic Living, I studied health with The Health Coach Institute, and traveled to Costa Rica to study permaculture. I have done loads of my own research, reading, and other online courses within these subjects. This world opened up my creativity in the kitchen. I became in love with making nourishing healthy food. I started to work as a chef for retreats and private clients. Cooking is a form of art for me and way to share my love. I have learned a lot through my experiences in life so far, by also learning from elders and wise friends with how to live more connected to nature and our natural rhythms. 

My mission since discovering this lifestyle has been to help and inspire others to live more holistically by connecting deeper to themselves and nature. I have had a dream for a while to create my own natural products from plants, flowers, and herbs I harvest or grow while also supporting farmers who work in a sustainable organic way.

I truly have a deep love for helping others and our planet. I am so happy you are here to join this journey together and so happy to share some of natures gifts with you!