Meet Rala

Aloha, I am Rala! Here is a little background of what led me on the path of living more connected to our Earth and the elements.

When I was 16, that is when my self discovery journey started. I became aware that "the system" was not benefiting my overall well being. I shifted to organic food, pure water, and natural sustainable products.

I started self educating myself and discovered my true passions and gifts. My mind started to shift and I noticed I was able to create my own reality. I started to choose love over fear and respond with compassion and kindness instead of anger or hatred. These mindset shifts led me closer to who I am. I than got into crystals, medicinal plants, and spent a lot more time connecting to mother nature.

When I was 20, I moved to Maui, Hawaii from Pennsylvania. I began living in community and lived off grid where I learned so much more about myself, sustainability, and growing food. I learned about permaculture, gardening, building rock walls, building with bamboo + lumber, planting food forests, cooking from the land, coconut tree care + harvesting, basic tree arborist skills, and much more. I learned that life is meant to be a lot more simple and free where we can live with our Earth instead of against her. I listened, watched, and jumped right into it to really learn these skills.

Living on Maui with endless pure waters, food, air, and soil felt like a dream life for me. After 7 years on Maui, I got invited to an off grid homestead in the mountains of Alaska, where I spent a summer. In Alaska, I fell in love with all the new skills and passions I was learning. I fished for salmon (I have fished since I was 4, never for salmon until Alaska) and got into wild harvesting. I started to learn what I could eat from the wild + their medicinal benefits. Which led me to discover Chaga, the most powerful fungi species of them all that grows on the beloved birch tree.

Alaska really taught me how to prepare for our future by learning ways to preserve goods such as food, water, and even plants + herbs. My mind really opened up at this point to all the beauty of our Earth and what it takes to be self sustainable. I have learned a lot through my personal experiences in life thus far.

I have a huge passion for being able to be self sustainable. I love to harvest + grow my own food and medicine. Working with herbs, plants, and crystals is something I am very devoted to in this lifetime. Being able to share these gifts from nature and work with all the elements is something that is so rewarding to me.

Divine Unity is a way for me to be able to share these gifts with more people and spread the love I have for nature. I want us all to have access to the gifts of nature. I look forward to continuing this journey of self discovery and developing my gifts to share more with you and the world.

Mahola Nui Loa (thank you, very much, forever, in Hawaiian) for being here!