Meet us together & our meaning of Divine Unity

Welcome to Divine Unity!

Divine Unity is what we have decided to call our creations, crafts, and products we bring into this world together. The name Divine Unity came from us feeling as if we are a divine union together in this lifetime. Divine Unity is an extension of us and who we are as one. A divine union is a commitment within ourselves + each other to grow individually and in our partnership. While staying committed to pursue our dreams with pure unconditional love. We believe that we are all divine and we want our products to carry that similar energy of the divine. Divine is a feeling of belonging and feeling as if you are one with all existence + all its creations. Here at Divine Unity we believe we are all one with existence, we hope and pray our products bring you this feeling and carry this energy with it. Since we are devoted and dedicated to doing our best to harvest, grow, and or forage what we use to craft with, we want our products to help connect you to nature and the medicinal benefits within nature in what we create. We are also super intentional with what we use in our creations and how we alchemize these properties together to make something magical and pure.

Now let us get into a glimpse of how we met. We met on the island of Maui in Hawaii. At the time, Sabrina was working with a honey company and Rala just returned back to Maui from his annual summer Alaska journey. As we got to know one another, we saw our compatibility when it comes to creation and making something beautiful. We started to see the vision of having products together and we started to sell our goods + crafts at the Hana farmers market in Maui. Rala has been involved in the Hana farmers market for many years, selling coconuts, coconut tools, and his crafts, which helped us get into the market together. Our stand at the market was called "Coco Luvin".

As summer started to come around, Rala had the intention to go back to Alaska for salmon fishing and wild harvesting. Sabrina was eager to join the adventure. That summer we both went to Alaska where we fished, harvested, and explored. From our beautiful sweet garden at our home in Maui to exploring the vast beauty wild harvesting in Alaska, we really wanted to make our products come to life even more. Divine Unity was born!

We both have a deep love for nature, health, and sustainability which allows Divine Unity to flow easefully and effortlessly from our hearts and from the love of the wild. We are very passionate, devoted, and excited to keep expanding Divine Unity with more products. Our intention is to harvest, grow, and forage as much as we can. When needed and with certain ingredients we will reach out to organic farmers, growers, and companies to help us gather further ingredients we can not harvest. We are very mindful with the ingredients we do get and only support organic, sustainable, and honorable farmers and companies. We look forward to the growth, expansive, and ever lasting evolution of what is to come for Divine Unity.

To read our personal stories, go to the "About Us" and click on "Meet Rala" or "Meet Sabrina". This is where you can go deeper into what led us on this path individually and inspires our own passions. We are so grateful for the love and support, from our hearts to yours, thank you for being here.