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Divine Unity

Beauty Balm

Beauty Balm

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This beauty balm is very moisturizing and soothing for the lips, face, and whole body. The ingredients in this balm are made to help the skin stay hydrated and nourished! This balm is so luscious and beautiful which will reflect onto the skin when applied. Made with so much love and intention, in the sunshine state, Florida.

Ingredients in balm: Organic cold pressed unrefined extra virgin Rosa Rubiginosa (Rosehip) oil, organic and pure African golden shea butter, Maui beeswax, organic fine ground Florida Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) powder, wildly harvested Alaska yarrow + red clover + red raspberry leaf, and Chaga.

Benefits in body balm: Stimulates the skins collagen production. Hydrating to all skin types. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Soothes cuts and bruises. Helps with dry skin and chapped lips. Reduces eczema flare ups and itchy skin. Soothes redness / acne / scarring. Allows skin to be smooth and soft! Natural glow.

Use: External use only. Gently & lovingly apply a small amount of balm on body.

Disclaimer: When in hot or warm environments, this product could become more soft in texture. When in cooler or colder environments, this product could become harder in texture. This will not affect the overall product and the product will still be the same besides the texture, once back in a room temperature environment, the product will go back to how it originally started. Thank you for understanding! It is best to keep this product in room temperature if wanting the product to always be the same texture.

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Customer Reviews

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Completely transformed my skin in weeks

This product is worth its weight in gold! I've struggle with scaring and uneven skin tone for such a long time. Even though my acne is better, I still break out sometimes. Since I started using the Beauty Balm my skin has NEVER felt or looked this way. My scars are healing, my skin tone is evening out, my pours are shrinking and my skin is super soft! Also, I haven't had a break out since using this. I also put it on my tattoos and my hands. 100/10 would recommend to anyone. Best product on the market right now.

Kaileia Suvannamaccha
Golden Glow Face Salve

This is the ONLY thing I use on my face anymore. I bought three and gave two away as gifts and almost regret it because this beautiful, handcrafted, herbal magick-infused moisturizer has done wonders for my complexion the way no other product I've tried has. Can't wait to try the beauty balm next!

Loren LaPierre
Thank you!

Great products. Highly recommended. 😁