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Golden Glow salve

Golden Glow salve

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The Golden Glow body + face salve is a lovely combination of wildly harvested Alaska herbs and Maui beeswax. This product came from our love for wild herbs and bees. The herbs in this blend are incredible and very helpful for the skin. The beeswax comes from a lovely bee farm on the Island of Maui where the bees are loved and taken very well care of.

What is beeswax and what are its benefits for the skin? Beeswax is a natural wax that is secreted by bees to build their honeycombs. It has a variety of uses and a big use is creating healing medicinal skin care products just like this salve we have created! Beeswax protects the skin and forms a natural barrier, creating a wonderful layer of moisture on our skin.

Ingredients in salve: Organic 100% pure sweet almond oil, organic unrefined sesame oil, wildly harvested Alaska yarrow, plantain, goldenrod, chamomile, and Maui beeswax.

Benefits of salve: Soothes wounds. Soothes itching / bug bites. Reduces redness, acne, and scarring. Reduces wrinkles. Helps with dry skin and chapped lips. Helps with bruises. Brightens skin. Natural glowy look. Feels fantastic on skin!

Disclaimer: When in hot or warm environments, this product could become more soft in texture. When in cooler or colder environments, this product could become harder in texture. This will not affect the overall product and the product will still be the same besides the texture, once back in a room temperature environment, the product will go back to how it originally started. Thank you for understanding! It is best to keep this product in room temperature if wanting the product to always be the same texture.

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Customer Reviews

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Golden Magic

Not only is this skin magic amazing, the masterminds who craft it are the sweetest people with the best intentions. I bought originally because I love pure, handcrafted skincare, I keep buying because it is Botox in a jar. My face feels so fresh, beautiful and well nourished. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🖤

Mary Mercurio
Taking this to the grave

MI AMORE!! This salve is truly life changing 🩵 it’s called golden glow for a reason I am left with plump, vibrant glowing skin. I’ve noticed a difference in my acne scars and hyperpigmentation. It feels amazing knows it’s packed with, natural, organic, raw ingredients that are truly medicine for your skin. I got my sisters and bf on it too!

Best Salve!!

This salve is so amazing and healing! You look better and feel better! It has helped my eczema, acne, and redness. 10/10 recommended! It truly leaves you looking glowy and feeling hydrated 💛