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Nature's Magic Body Butter

Nature's Magic Body Butter

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Nature's Magic body butter is infused with wildly harvested Alaska Chaga. Chaga is the richest most powerful supplement with melanin. Melanin protects and strengthens the skin which is why we were called to make a body butter with Chaga infused into it. The richness of melanin stimulates melatonin in the body which helps calm our skin. Our skin is the largest organ, everything we put onto our skin absorbs throughout our entire system. 

Ingredients in body butter: Organic 100% raw and natural golden Shea butter, organic 100% raw and natural unrefined cocoa butter, organic 100% pure cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% pure fractionated coconut oil, wildly harvested ground powerded Alaska Chaga, and high quality cinnamon, spruce, and orange essential oil blend.

Benefits of body butter: Stimulates the skins collagen production. Hydrating to all skin types. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Soothes cuts and bruises. Helps with dry skin and chapped lips. Reduces eczema flare ups and itchy skin. Brightens skin. Natural youthful look. Allows skin to feel smooth and soft. 

The essential oils in this blend are used very lightly in this body butter and are diluted in the carries oils, the jojoba oil + coconut oil. The body butter is safe for the skin. The texture of this body butter is smooth, creamy, and the sight has hints of chocolate and nature.. yum!

Disclaimer: When in hot or warm environments, this product could become more soft in texture. When in cooler or colder environments, this product could become harder in texture. This will not affect the overall product and the product will still be the same besides the texture, once back in a room temperature environment, the product will go back to how it originally started. Thank you for understanding! It is best to keep this product in room temperature if wanting the product to always be the same texture.

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Customer Reviews

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Chaga body butter

Very soothing, I had irritated skin(Aka acne) so I applied the butter that night, immediately I felt a relief and was able to forget about the irritation, the next morning I woke up and my acne was completely soothed over, no more pimples, and the skin felt softer. Amazing fast results, don’t believe me, have your own experience!
Thank you so very much for working with the combination of mother natures healing modalities🙏🏼🙌🏽

Chaga for life!!

This Chaga packed butter is so healing and nourishing. It helps with any dark/acne marks by gently fading the more I use it. The consistency is just perfect. Sab and Rala are taking over Chaga skincare 🫶🏽